What does it mean to be
bold for change at BP?

50 women’s networks spanning 23 countries

BP aims to have 25% women group leaders by 2020

“I know there’s no limit to what I can achieve.”

Dina Mendes,
Process engineer,

“Breaking into a male-dominated environment was the biggest challenge, but there was a lot of support from my peers. If you put no limitations on yourself, no one will see any limitations in you.”

“Be yourself, learn and develop,
but never lose who you are.”

Xiaoping Yang, President, BP China

“BP is my second home, I love it here.”

Gisele Costa,
Agricultural support coordinator,

“Today, I'm leading BP Brazil's agricultural team - I'm the first woman to take on that role - and, while it has been daunting at times, I've proven what I'm capable of to my team, to myself, and to my children.”

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